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Bulova Pocket Watch

In 1875, when Joseph Bulova opened a shop in New York City, he probably had no idea how popular his work would someday be. He started out creating jewelry, but didn't actually make any time pieces until 1911, when he… Continue reading

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock for generations to come, these beautiful heirloom, held as a family relic for years to come. Its worth beyond money beauty and service for us to treasure and to keep. Have you a Howard Miller Grandfather… Continue reading

Atmos Clock

So eloquently right in conception, style and quality — a LeCoultre ATMOS Clock becomes a gift to inspire rich, life-long memories of the good taste of its giver. Since 1833, LeCoultre timepieces have been conceived in utmost originality and beauty,… Continue reading

Colibri Pocket Watch

The Colibri pocket watch is among those notable symbols of that refined epoch. Featuring the best craftsmanship to its timekeepers, the Colibri pocket watch was the sophisticated gentleman's most important accessory. Indeed, it has been noted that just members of… Continue reading

Elgin Pocket Watch

The Elgin Pocket Watch is in a class of their own. Founded in 1864, Elgin National Watch Company has been making beautiful timepieces. The company is well respected to through out America as well as in the whole world for… Continue reading

Ingersoll Pocket Watch

Ingersoll Pocket Watch; Every year of production has seen the Ingersoll Pocket Watch thinner, finer, more elegantly finished, more expensive to make—but sold at the same price. A Quality Ingersoll Pocket Watch the Ingersoll-Trenton came in 7 and 15 Jewel… Continue reading

Illinois Pocket Watch

Illinois Pocket Watch: More than a fine pocket watch a great American pocket watch. Illinois Pocket Watch recognition as a great American watch was a high honor. For in America were made pocket watches which for accuracy, service and value… Continue reading

Railroad Watches

The first railroad watches commissioned by a railroad company was the Elgin "B.W. Raymond", crafted in 1867 and named for the founder and director of the Elgin Watch Co. This railroad watch was an 18 size, 15 jewel, and full… Continue reading

Gruen Pocket Watch

The Gruen Pocket Watch represented the finest traditions of guild craftsmanship. The Gruen Verithin - were a striking example of that craftsmanship which has made the Gruen Pocket Watch pre-eminent among those days' finest timepieces.

Clock Collecting Tips

Some tips for buying wisely, from Roy Ehrhardt's Official Price Guide to Antique Clocks:

  • Most important: Buy from a reputable dealer who also restores and repairs clocks. Only a clock dealer can tell you what has been fixed and what… Continue reading